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I am all for influencers doing proper investigations before endorsing an investment company, but I also think it is wrong to start shading influencers when an investment goes south. This article focuses on what you must do before you invest through a social media influencer.

Investment is a risk. There are external and internal factors that affect businesses all over the world. These factors are even quite higher in Nigeria.

In business, things happen that you didn’t plan for.

Except it is established that an investment platform was designed from the start to defraud and elope with your money, I think it is wrong to attack influencers when an investment they endorsed is going through issues. I know that most people do this because they have personal issues with some of the influencers, but when you do this, you also debrand your favs who are influencers.

When an established company approaches your favourite influencer tomorrow for endorsement deals, the response will be slow because you have grouped all influencers together as conniving thieves and liars.

Attack the real issues, ask the right questions. Don’t throw away the baby with the broth simply because of your personal sentiments.

Steps before investing.

Before you invest with any company you find online or through influencers, the most important thing you need to do is ask the right questions, get physical, find more information from 3rd party sources who have no stakes, ask for future plans and the processes in place to ensure those plans can be achieved.

When you get satisfactory answers, then you make a decision.

Don’t make a decision because an influencer asked you to. Decide because the right questions have been answered.

Why are Agro-Investments crashing? Are they bad?

It’s not Agro investment that is bad. Most times, it is the people managing the investment platform. A lot of these investments start out well with good intentions, but life happens or mismanagement happens. And because they have created no buffers to assuage investors’ pains, they leave everyone disappointed and spoil the image for the few good ones.

It’s why you must do your due diligence.

I have learned and been badly burnt too. Before I signed with ChodChod as an influencer, I asked questions about their processes, the people behind it, saw the evidence of the project physically, spoke with other external stakeholders, and was convinced enough to personally partner with the company’s oil palm project.

You should do the same before you invest.

I recently sealed a deal for a client and it took us more than 6 weeks before a decision was made, because… Due diligence!

Finally, influencers make you aware of businesses and opportunities, it’s up to you to take action or not. Remember this before you invest your money.

Take responsibility for your decisions.

Interested in being a partner with the Oil Palm Plantation at ChodChod? Let me tell you how it works.

It is a one-time investment that is set to guarantee you annual returns over the next 30 years and beyond.

For every unit of the Oil Palm plantation you get for N1.5m, you can earn up to 1m annual for 30 years and more.

Here is how it works:

Upon payment of N1.5m, ChodChod will plant oil palm for you on 1 acre of land. They will manage it, harvest, and sell the produce.

Oil Palms take up to 3 years to start yielding, but to ensure the land is not just laying fallow and money is not tied down for 3 years, the company will be intercropping with short-term crops within the first 3 years.

That will yield up to 10% of the 1.5m for the first 2 years. By the 3rd year, the oil palms would have grown in size and space needs to be made for them on the land, so the ROI will drop to 5%.

By the 4th year, you will start to earn directly from the oil palm. That’s when you will earn between 800k to 1m annually for 27 years and more.

The earning pattern:

10% ROI in the 1st year (from intercropping)
Another 10% in the 2nd year (from intercropping)
You earn 5% in the 3rd year (still from intercropping)

Then you start earning between 800k-1m annually on the OilPalm from the 4th Year onwards.

After 30 years, you will still get the chance to replant the oil palms so as to keep earning.

The Ekiti State government has leased out the land for the next 50 years. So after the first 30 years, you will have another 20 years of planting on the land, after which ChodChod can reapply for CofO with the Ekiti State Government to use it for another 99 years.

Can I transfer my investment?

Note that when you invest, the land can only be used for agricultural purposes. So if you want to sell out your investment, you will be selling only to someone who wants to keep using it for the agricultural investment purpose.

You can also transfer the investment to your kids or next of kin.

It’s a good investment that one can leave as a legacy for one’s children while earning from it annually while you are still here or you put the annual returns in a trust fund for your children’s education.

Who’s behind this investment?

The company is backed by the Ekiti State’s Farmer’s Association. The project is also Insured with Leadway Insurance PLC. Protected by State Security Outfit – Amotekun. Managed by experienced hands in the management team and with respected elder statesmen on the board.

The company is duly registered with CAC – Chodchod Management Services Limited – and has a land allocation document with the Lands Bureau in Ekiti State for this plantation.

The website is

If you have other questions, please call the project manager, Temitope on +2348036291965.

Tell her you are from Olumide Glowville.

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