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How to boost your music career with social media

Davido and Wizkid

For most people, success is based on numbers. How much do you make? How many cases did you win? How many patients did you successfully treat? And so on. It is the same for the music industry. As a growing artist, trying to boost your music career, what defines success for you?

Back in the days, an artist’s success was based on the numbers of CDs or albums released and sold. These days, based on what we can see with the new school artists – success is based on the number of streams an artist gets. This includes your YouTube views, streams on digital platforms, billboard charts, social media followership, and other numerically measurable means.

Less than 20 years ago, there was no social media. Artists depended on people to help them distribute their CDs. But now, the game has changed. Social media has become the primary means to get known, to spread your songs, and engage with fans. With social media, you can get your song to people faster than a distributor would.

Look around you today. The examples are endless. From Don Jazzy to Olamide, Davido, Simi and Rema. All of these guys are riding on the power of social media to keep their career buzzing.

The big question for you as a growing artist is – how well are you using social media to boost your music career?

A friend – Itty Okim’s tweets inspired this post, so I chose to expand on his original idea.

Here are some tips on how you can boost your music career with social media, borrowing from those who are already using it well.

Be An influencer

To be called a social media influencer, you must have amassed huge followership on your social media pages usually around tens to hundreds of thousands, who are actively engaging with your content on a consistent basis. As a growing artist, this is something that should be working for you, at any level. You don’t need a hundred thousand followers. Wherever you are right now, start creating content consistently and engaging with your followers. Therein lies your fan base!

Adekunle Gold has mastered this art. He has a close-knit fan base that he regularly engages by mail and on social media. They may not be in very high numbers, but they have been very effective in boosting his streaming numbers and getting the word out about his music. Let’s even talk about the cult-like following that folks like Wizkid and Davido currently enjoy with their fan base.

Davido currently has 18 Million Followers on his Instagram handle, if he releases a new track and pushes it on his Instagram page alone, he could be getting nothing less than 1 million streams and that is huge!

Davido Instagram | boost your career with social media

As a growing artist, you need to start thinking about building your own social media platforms with content and consistent engagement. That is what will give you a huge social media following, and make you an influencer of some sort. That is one of the ways you can boost your music career with social media.

Relatable, Quality Content

This is probably the most important thing to keep your social media game going and to keep your fan base buzzing. You need to keep showing up on your social media pages with content that is relatable and of great quality that your fans can latch on to.

Share cute pictures of yourself, talk about your coming projects, talk about social issues, flaunt your voice or your assets, share tips or advice, and if you have a ‘Chioma’ in your life too, show her off. It’s for your fans to see updates from you regularly and feel like you have them in mind.

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy is one of the kings when it comes to this. Asides from being at the forefront of many giveaways, that man has content for days!! Trust me, he was not always like that. But consistency and a will to keep his fan base engaged have made his content game improve rapidly.

The same can happen for you too. It won’t be perfect from the start, but if you keep giving it out – either by yourself or by hiring a top-quality social manager – you will gain massive followership from it in no time.

Latch on to trends

This is similar to creating relatable content but let me explain what I mean in this context. Taking the recent #EndSars saga for example, many artists saw their followers count increase in multiple folds because they lent their voice to the cause. This helped them gain more acceptance from the public and in turn more followership.

Zlatan Ibile

Another way to use trends to your advantage is to use the “Zlatan Method“. A lot of people might not rate Zlatan much but one thing he always does – and which I think always works in his favor – is to have a song for every trending event. Remember the Tacha incidence? Remember when “The Matter” was trending? Now there’s “EndSars”. Zlatan has a song for each trending issue. Because it’s trending, a lot of people will want to listen and that translates to more streaming figures for him. And if the song is great – his street cred takes a jump as well.

As a growing artist, you can do the same. A budding artist called Spyro used this tactic in 2018 during the Tobi and CeeCee saga in the BBN season. His freestyle earned him an opportunity to feature Tobi in a song after the reality show and another song that was a great hit, Davido and Mayorkun had to jump on the remix.

That’s how star do!

Active followers Engagement

You are in business for your fans. If you do not have fans, then who is listening to your music?

To keep them loyal to you, then it is imperative that you interact with them. You can do that by responding to DMs or simply by liking and replying to their comments on your posts. This can be tasking but it is a surefire way of sustaining your fans, especially as an artist that is growing. Blaqbonez is one artist that is doing this very well. He is gaining a lot from it.


Remember, a sustained fan base is a sustained streaming figure.

These are just a few of the ways you can boost your music career with social media. These methods will not only get you more online popularity, they will boost your streaming figures and ultimately help you become more successful in the music industry.

I hope you find them worthy of practicing.

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