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5 reasons you must adopt content marketing for your small business

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Change, they say, is the only constant thing. If we look around us, we will see many things have changed. They have either become better than they used to be or they are now worse. In this article, we will be discussing why your marketing approach must change for the better, using content marketing for your small business.

Businesses have gone through several changes over the years, and today, a lot of things have transformed from what we used to know. Back in the days, the major forms of marketing were one-on-one, fliers, posters, radio broadcasting, TV advertisements, and more. But with the invention of social media, there are more innovative, easier, and cheaper ways to market your business or brand. One of these is Content Marketing.

Content Marketing, as defined by Content Marketing Institute, is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audienceand, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. In simpler terms, Content Marketing is the strategic usage of contents be it texts, images, videos, or any other form, to attract and retain customers.

Simple and easy, right?

In recent times, Content Marketing has grown to be one of the best forms of marketing any brand or business owner can employ. In this article, I will be highlighting a few reasons content marketing for your small business should rank high among your marketing strategies.

1. Content Marketing helps to build strong relationship and closeness with customers

As a business owner or brand manager, you will be doing your business and brand a world of good if you can creatively and consistently share information about your brand, your products or any other relevant information. People will find it easier to trust and love your brand if they learn new things from you. Imagine selling female undies, and you make it a duty to teach ladies how to look sexy in them? With a lot of women looking for tips on how to improve on their sexiness, they will find it easy to trust your brand and buy whatever you are selling. This is because you have already worked on their mind, bought their trust, and keep them close. That’s what content marketing can do for your small business.

2. You can boost awareness for your brand or business

Every business owner is always looking for opportunities to reach more people because the more people know about you, the higher your chances of getting new customers. Continuously showing up with great content will expand your reach. Let me tell you how. When you come across a post you really enjoy or like, what do you do? I can bet that you either click the like button, drop a comment, or share it with someone. Once you do any of those, you have helped to increase awareness towards that content and the source of it. What that does for the writer is awareness!

It’s the same way people will like, comment, or share your content if it is great! The more content you put out, the more people share, the more people know about your brand. So, if you are looking for a game-changer, content marketing for your small business is something to consider.

3. It will boost sales for you.

When it comes to making sales, nothing works as great as an excellent sales copy! What is a sales copy? It is a form of writing that persuades consumers to buy a product or service. The magic of sales copies is that they have a way of making the buyer see all the benefits in your product. Nothing convinces a customer better than knowing “what’s in it for me”. When you are smart at crafting great sales copies, you will make a lot of sales effortlessly. That’s another way of blowing with content marketing for your small business.

Secondly, writing interesting and valuable content will draw people towards you who will become potential customers. The more audience you have, the more you are able to sell to.

4. Content Marketing is cheaper than most forms of marketing.

The most popular form of online marketing is Paid ads. This is where you are required to pay online platforms to help advertise your products. While it is effective, a 2019 statistics says 300 million people now use ad blockers. This means if you pay for ads on certain platforms, a large percentage of your target customers might not even see it!

But with content marketing, there are no such limitations! As long as you have great content, you will have your readers. Plus, you do not have to pay as much as you would need to pay the platforms. In some cases, you get to pay nothing, and you still grow organically! What can be better than that?

5. It will boost your social media audience and popularity.

Consistently publishing content helps you grow your online audience. This will go a long way to establish your brand or business’ credibility in your industry. Most importantly, it buys you the kind of popularity some people can only dream of. When you have all of this, your ability to sell is greatly increased.

Content Marketing and Social Media go side by side. They are interwoven and are of great importance to each other. You can get the best out of both of them by publishing content on your website and promoting it on your social media platforms. If you do not have a website, you can solely use your social platforms or create a blog.

There you have it. Having read these five reasons, I think it’s time to change your marketing approach if you haven’t.

In the case that you are experiencing some difficulty understanding how or where to start, I strongly recommend that sign up for a course in content marketing or engage a content marketer (or perhaps an influencer) to guide you through it.

Once you grasp the basics, you’d be on your way to becoming a badass marketer, using what everyone is on the internet to consume – content!

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